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BIOGAS³ - Tecnoalimenti
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Sustainable Small-scale biogas production from agro-food waste for energy Self-sufficiency

BIOGAS3 project (Sustainable Small-scale biogas production from agro-food waste for energy Self-sufficiency) was launched in 2014, in the European context. Its main objective was to promote the sustainable production of renewable energy from the biogas and the energy diversification.

Anaerobic digestion is a well-known technology used in municipal waste and wastewater treatment plants. The purpose of the project is to apply this interesting technology to agro-food waste, forced to conclude that the agro-food industry is only slightly affected by these methods of energy production. Moreover, there are still strong differences between the EU-27 member states concerning biogas plants implementation in this sector. Thus, the project could assist in the standardization of knowledge and expertise for the use of this technology.

The project concentrated on the agro-food sector and analysed the needs of food industries in terms of energy, as well as the difficulties encountered when considering installing a biogas production facility. Second, the necessary tools to address these needs have been developed, including:

  • Models for business collaboration
  • Models for energy demand management
  • Small-scale process design for food industries
  • Promotion, trainings (face-to-face and on-line), awareness and networking

Specific on-field actions have been carried out to promote this small-scale concept and to bring the developed tools to the end-users.

Duration: 24 months starting from 01/03/2014

Partner di progetto

  • AINIA – Spain(Coordinator)
  • Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation (FIAB) – Spain
  • IrBEA – Irland
  • ACTIA – France
  • IFIP (Technical Institute of the French pork Industry) – France
  • Università di Torino (DEIAFA) – Italy
  • Tecnoalimenti S.C.p.A. – Italy
  • The Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG – Germany
  • JTI – Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering – Sweden
  • FUNDEKO – Poland