TCA News: Graced project – Consortium meeting in Paris

Is it feasible to monitor in real time microbiological and chemical contamination on fresh fruit and vegetables in the field and during the production process?

Marco De Vito, Marianna Faraldi and Marco Guarino on behalf of Tecnoalimenti attended the consortium meeting of the Graced project organized by Sous les fraises in Paris (France) last 22-23 June.

“Jardin Perchè Marais”, the biggest vertical vegetable garden established on a European roof with its hanging garden spreads across 1500 m² of agricultural land where more than 22000 edible flowers and other plants grow there in permaculture, was the setting for the event.

During the meeting, we discussed the development of an innovative and portable detection instrument as well as an IoT static device able to measure contamination and microbiological risk in a short time.

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