TCA news: MED food TT-Hubs project meeting in Thessaloniki (Greece)

After two years of videoconferences and online meetings, the MED food TT Hubs project partners finally met in person for the first time!

Marianna Faraldi and Diego Gornati, on behalf of Tecnoalimenti, attended the 5th technical meeting, which has been held in Thessaloniki (Greece) and hosted by Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), the project coordinator.

MED Food TT-Hubs is a PRIMA-funded project that brings together 9 partners from 7 countries with the aim of improving traceability and authenticity of local food products by developing a web-based multifunctional platform that will enforce the connection between the actors in the Food Supply Chain and lower the risk of counterfeiting.

The project’s second goal is to construct seven Trace and Trust Hubs, one in each of the countries involved, that will serve as a national hub for traceability and authentication innovation.

The meeting gave us the opportunity to highlight key achievements and discuss ideas for continuing beyond the project, as well as to reconnect with the partners after a long time.

MED food TT Hubs is at the frontline of food traceability and authenticity in the EU.

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