TCA NEWS: up-PET plenary meeting 17-18 May 2022

Did you know that in Europe up to 19% of plastic is still disposed of in landfills while 39.5% gets incinerated?

This is something we have to improve if we want to reduce our impact on Earth.

In this context, our Marianna Faraldi and Diego Gornati attended the first in-person plenary meeting of the upPE-T project, one of the European initiatives Tecnoalimenti is involved in, which was held in Murcia (Spain) and hosted by CETEC, the project coordinator.

The main purpose of the up-PET project is to enable microbial biotechnology to produce a range of biodegradable biopolymers (PHBVs) starting from the resulting products of PET and PE enzymatic degradation. The bioplastic produced will be transformed into rigid, semirigid, and flexible packaging, and its feasibility in the food and beverage sectors will be assessed and compared with conventional packaging materials.

The up-PET project connects great minds from 10 different European countries and will allow for the first time the complete upcycling of food and drink PET and PE wastes. Just using the power of Nature.

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